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SKIL Classes Aims At Maintaining The Legacy They Have Created Since Past Few Years

Coaching Classes are no more a luxury but more of a necessity. With the growing time, academics are all about formal and basic education which leads Indian parents to send their student to coaching classes. Coaching class are not bound to knowledge of the academic books but focus on imparting knowledge that a student needs to crack exams for their upcoming careers.

SKIL Classes is a coaching Institute that gives fire to the wings of your dream. Being the elite and emerging coaching classes of Aligarh city, it is open to all the students right from 9th till their drop years as we have foundation courses for IX and X, AMU/JMI XI- Entrance exam preparations, NEET-UG preparations, IIT-JEE Preparations for students of XI, XII and dropper students.

Our institute aims at working on every kind of student and don’t discriminate them according to their intelligence or grades. With correct methods we can create and mould any student into the shining star of the upcoming future. Academic course of present education system in India isn’t sufficient to crack the level of the exams which are necessary for the dream career of the student. Not just crystal clear concept and understanding works but a student’s disciplined pattern of study matters a lot. A coaching institute helps in developing the better and scientific approach towards study
pattern of the students.

SKIL Classes stands out to be the best coaching in the city due to its result-oriented faculty which includes Ashaful Huda, Nawab Saquib Ibrahim, DC Gupta, Yasir Mumtaz and many more. Our faculty team believes in the facts that everything is possible if the knowledge imparted is completely absorbed and applied along with smart study.

Ashaful Huda is the director as well as Head of Department of Biology with 30 years of experience. He has best knowledge of his subjects and even being in this field for so long has made me him one of the finest faculties among all the teachers in Aligarh.

DC Gupta who is presently the head of department of physics in SKIL Classes is one of the best faculties among the physics teachers in Aligarh. He is the author of the very famous Disha publications. With experience of 26 years, He holds a legacy of producing thousands of doctors.

Yasir Mumtaz being the organic mania of Aligarh is now the head of department of SKIL Classes. He has very different and unique style of teaching ensuring that every student of his ends up with better understanding and crystal clear concept.

Nawab Saquib Ibrahim is the head of department of mathematics in SKIL classes. He is one of the legendary teachers with experience of more than 10 years. His amazing tricks known as NABS tricks are most appreciated shortcut trick method among the students.

Apart from all these experience and helpful nature of the faculty we also have the best services in the city like transportation, library & reading room, hostel services, personal assistance and many more for the comfort of the student.

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