Foundation Course

Foundation Course | Start Early……… Stay Ahead !!!

An old proverb goes as ‘’ Early Bird Catches The Worm. ’’This proverb signifies the importance of being early with things and how fruitful early and intelligent  decision making and implementation is. This proverb is applicable to one and all and includes students as well .The early , the beneficial . In the field of education especially with the goal oriented students , this early starting practice yields high benefits because a students mind gets trained from an early stage as to what and how things are to be done. Their is clarity of objectives and less chances of deviation if the grooming starts from an early stage of life because with strong focus and vision , goals become easy to be achieved . Some students are faster even than fast forward. They decide Science in Class 8th. Join the Foundation Courses in 9th and 10th . Brush up their concepts in 11th and 12th . Set the world on fire when they put their foot forward in the battlefields called NEET or IIT-JEE. Such students have clarity of vision and thoughts alongwith discipline and focus. These students become the trendsetters of tomorrow for they pick up their career at an early and right stage of life.


The construction of a house is not a one-shot game. A house is built brick by brick and every single brick counts. Even those bricks that give rise to a huge structure stand on a foundation or a base that is the weight bearer and holds the entire giant building . The foundation is the key. If the foundation or the base is not strong or is not given enough attention to while the building process , the house howsoever tall and strong will eventually fall off and turn to dust. Similarly , if one has to achieve an ambition then there must be a beginning even before the beginning begins. And the foundation should be strong , clear and weight bearing . Thus , a foundation course is the easiest and simplest solution for this early and strong beginning. It is one or two year preparatory course who want to qualify exams in near future. The Foundation courses prepare students to ensure that the students cater to the evolving needs of Science sector. The students who have the drive and ambition to attend a world- class educational repute strictly adopt this measure. It is the only way of gaining subject- specific knowledge and skills to keep the student a step ahead of his or her peers as they begin their journey to success. Foundation courses introduce students to the culture of higher education and provide a structured framework that helps students become self directed learners.. Foundation course , in most simple terms is designed to bridge the gap between high school and college by  providing students with the pre requisites they need to qualify exams and get an admission for an undergraduate degree program.A foundation course prepared the student in such a way that the subject knowledge is built.


Foundation courses allow students to develop skills that they need to succeed. This ranges from general study skills like time management and independent research to knowledge in specific areas related to the chosen field. Foundation courses are streamed according to the field of study, allowing students to get started on their studies in their area of interest whether it is medical or engineering. Many foundation courses offer credit towards further study , allowing students to enter the second year of a related course if marks stack up. Receiving credit for foundation study ensures that student wont be disadvantaged by completing a pre- tertiary pathway.

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